Monday, May 12, 2008

The Uncooperative Computer

My computer is acting up. Actually, it's been acting up forever. It just shuts itself off. I haven't been able to stay online long enough to upload new photos or to even write a blog post in almost a week. It is so infuriating. The most frustrating is not being able to process images that are stuck in my camera because the computer is so done that it goes black in the middle of the upload. Thankfully everything is backed up already. I've been working on being a more patient person but this week I almost threw the thing out of my window. I've decided that I'm getting a Mac. I've been talking about it forever. I've never had a Mac so I'll have to learn it but I'm really excited about all of the things that I'll be able to do with it. I'm going to design the book on it and, another new thing is that I'm working on making some greeting cards. In fact, I'm going to a very interesting workshop this weekend about publishing and greeting cards, etc.

Speaking of the book, I've already chosen most of the images. I've finally decided on the name of the book but I'm not telling until it's finished. And, I've decided that I'm not going to write about each image. There will be an introduction and a brief biography and I think that after reading those, as well as the title, the images will speak for themselves. However, I will be posting here and certainly, if I can get the computer to work now and then with the Mac, more photos!

Anyway, I spent a lovely day with family yesterday and today I am once again wishing a happy mother's day to my mom and to my sister who is a VERY soon to be mom...she's due this Wednesday! yay!!

Happy Mother's Day

Mama Bear