Friday, May 23, 2008

the long weekend

I previously blogges about one of my favorite places in the world - the Hamptons. Of all the traveling that I have done and hope to do, it's ironic that one of the places close to my heart is only 2 hours (without the crazy traffic) from home. This small part of Long Island, New York is very special to me and I love to get away there. I love it in the winter as much as I do in the summer but the first summer weekend here is always my favorite. We haven't had a very cooperative spring here in New York but for this weekend, glorious weather has been predicted. We don't usually come out when the crowds of July and August arrive but it's wonderful no matter when we are here.

Tonight we barbecue and tomorrow we have lobsters from Stewart's. Every day we enjoy the fresh, clean breezes and at night we stare at the star-lit's hard to imagine such a sky in Manhattan but it exists out here.

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