Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The End of an Era...almost

My computer is on its last legs. I think it is a miracle that I'm even sitting here right now typing this blog entry on it. I've had it for just under four years and it's dying already. I think it literally has bugs. About an hour ago, as I was cursing it, I saw a tiny red thing crawling up the screen. ick. Then just before I turned it on again, I saw another one. double ick. Either way, I'm getting the Mac Book Pro this weekend. wee! I can't wait. I'm a little nervous to switch to Mac but honestly, how hard can it be? Not nearly as hard as it is to have some small semblance of patience each time I turn this freaking thing on and wonder whether it will decide to work!

So, this is a very exciting week for me...I'm getting a new niece or nephew tomorrow (wow!), I'm getting a new computer (yay!) and I'm going to see Kanye West tonight at Madison Square Garden (holla!) Pictures of all of the above to follow...

Here are some images of two other fabulous shows at the Garden. Shakira and Mr. JT.

The Grand Finale

toda escoba nueva siempre barre bien