Thursday, April 24, 2008

The People of the World

In Love in Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina.

When I travel, my favorite thing, above all else, even eating, is talking to and spending time with local people. There is no other way to learn a culture or learn about a place. I have been very lucky to spend time with the people of the world --the odd, the lovely, the cruel and the kind. The strange, the beautiful, the eclectic, the happy and the sad. Here they are...some of them.

The Little

Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Le PĂȘcheur

Paris, France.

En Una Rueda

Valladolid, Mexico.

one little life

Misiones, Argentina.

Jazz Gals

New Orleans, Louisiana.

Mister Lounge

Angkor Thom, Cambodia.


La Plata, Argentina.

Kebabs on Park Avenue

New York, New York.

Palomas en la Plaza de Mayo

Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Rebuild the 9th Ward

New Orleans, Louisiana.

Mister Relax

Angkor Wat, Cambodia.

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